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  • Hot Tub Features

Wellis Hot Tub Features

UV-C Water Sanitizer

UV-C rays have long been used for the disinfection of water in community pools since they are hypoallergenic and kill almost 100% of the viruses and bacteria found in water. Unfortunately, the devices used in community swimming pools are heavy and take up too much space for use in hot tubs.

The UV-C system from Wellis revolutionizes the sanitizing of hot tub water. It is lightweight, compact and very effective. With a negligible amount of power consumption and quiet, safe, and automatic operation, it treats the water in the hot tub several times a day. It provides you and your family with crystal clear, natural quality bathwater while reducing the need for use of water treatment agents to a minimum.

In.Touch 2 Smartphone Application

Our in.touch 2™ is a smart control that can be installed in the hot tub for smart devices

Hot tubs equipped with the in.touch 2™ system provides remote access via connection to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, you also have access to a history of your hot tub’s operation, helping to identify any errors. In addition to software errors that can be fixed remotely within just a few seconds, knowing the hot tub history also allows our service staff to be prepared when it is necessary for them to physically show up to solve a problem.

The in.touch 2™ system is a useful tool to control the hot tub remotely, so it’s immediately ready after your commute from work, the gym, or to continue your vacation at home!

Chromo-Therapy Mood Therapy

Colors can evoke both a special atmosphere and emotions in people, which can have a profound impact on the body. Color therapy has a positive effect on our psychological condition. As early as in ancient Egypt, the beneficial effects of sunrays when separated into color spectra was recognized and also used.

During the development of medical science, the effects of various colors on the biological functioning of the body was repeatedly researched.

Today, these results are widely used by medical science as light and color therapy. The hot tub control unit changes the basic colors slowly and continuously; or, at the push of a button, you can choose the color most fitting your mood.

Aquasoul™ Pro Sound

The watertight elements installed in the Wellis AquaSoul™ sound system are of the latest design and highest quality. Any smart device equipped with a Bluetooth connection – smartphone, tablet, or laptop – can be connected to the AquaSoul™ sound system. AquaSoul™ PRO 2.1

  • 4-channel amplifier equipped with Bluetooth receiver (120W)
  • Built-in subwoofer (100W)
  • 2 built-in or POP-UP speakers (35W/pc)
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