Poolside Drinks: Floats

Root Beer floats are a classic ice cream drink. You get the combination of a sweet and bubbly beverage that you and your friends can enjoy by the pool. Follow along below with our favorite Root Beer Float recipe!  This drink is perfect for a scorching hot day, or if you are craving something sweet. To top it off,  don’t forget the whipped cream and a spoon.



1 Tall Frosted Float Glass

2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Can of Whipped Cream

8 Oz Bottle A&W Root Beer


Scoop two generous helpings of vanilla ice cream in a tall. frosted glass. Pour A&W Root Beer over top of the ice cream scoops. Add another scoop of vanilla ice cream and pour more Root Beer float into the glass. Repeat process until the Root Beer almost overflows. Add whipped cream to the top of your float. You can even garnish the whipped cream with a maraschino cherry. Enjoy!


  1. Stewarts Orange Creamsicle Soda
  2. Saranac Shirley Temple
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Cream Soda


  1. In 1874, the first Root Beer Float was sold
  2.  August 6 is National Root Beer Float Day
  3.  Root Beer was officially marketed first as “Root Tea”
  4.  A&W is the number one selling Root Beer brand
  5. The ice cream soda concept was invented by Robert McKay Green
  6.  Many enjoy their float with pretzels and brownies