Summer Reading Fun

Expand your Child’s understanding of the world and strengthen your bond by reading together this summer! This is a great activity for your kids to do this summer and prevents what educators call the summer slide, where reading ability declines during extended breaks from school. Reading is an excellent way to slow down and disconnect from the world while reconnecting with each other, to learn, share, and grow as individuals. With our printable list, you can enjoy this activity as a family and record all of their progress! You can even pass it along to friends and family.


Reading comes with a wide variety of benefits:

  • Reading improves your child’s reading skills, enjoyment, confidence, and motivation with each book your child picks up.
  • Active education in reading prepares your children for going back to school in September.
  • Having your kid Read out loud to you can help improve speech and they will have the courage to share stories with others.


As human beings, we all gravitate to our interests and passions, so reading about what we love can make the act of reading much more exciting. The power for kids to choose their very favorite book increases enjoyment in this activity. When finding the right book gets tough, think about a list of your kid’s favorite hobbies. Are they into cars, boats, or animals? Helping them to pick out a book matching their personal interest will show them that you’re investing in what they really love.


With warmer weather, you can take your at-home library outside. Bring your book out to the pool, the patio table, or the campfire and you and your child will have that relaxing vacation feeling that many love while sharing a story at the same time. Print out a few of these lists and make summer reading a memory this year and every year!

Click HERE For Our Printable Reading List!