FAQs for New Pool Owners

You’ve always wanted a pool and now you’ve finally taken the plunge and invested in your own personal backyard oasis. Congratulations!
Now that the dust has settled in your yard, you’ve found yourself with some basic questions about pool ownership and maintenance. Read more

Pool Opening Checklist

The wait is over! The temperature is rising, the sun is out, and it’s time to take your first plunge of the season. But first things first, you need to open that pool. We know that the prospect of prepping your pool for the season can be overwhelming, but we’ve done our fair share of openings since 1967 and we’re here to help!
In this article, we’re giving you a Step-by-Step Pool Opening Checklist to get your pool open and get you in the water in no time (but not until at least 30 minutes after you eat ?). Read more

Have Grill, Will Travel: 4 Destinations for Portable Grills

Packing up your picnic basket doesn’t mean that you’ll need to settle on your menu choices, because Weber’s line of portable grills allows you to have all the comfort (foods) of home, no matter where you go. Read more

Printable Picnic Checklist

Whether at the campsite or in the park, eating outdoors (or ‘al fresco’ if you’re fancy) is a summertime staple. We know how easy it is to forget something in the hustle and bustle leading up to your barbecue, so we’ve compiled this picnic checklist for you to print out, stick on the fridge, and refer to while you’re packing up!

Read more