Pool Opening Checklist

The wait is over! The temperature is rising, the sun is out, and it’s time to take your first plunge of the season. But first things first, you need to open that pool. We know that the prospect of prepping your pool for the season can be overwhelming, but we’ve done our fair share of openings since 1967 and we’re here to help!
In this article, we’re giving you a Step-by-Step Pool Opening Checklist to get your pool open and get you in the water in no time (but not until at least 30 minutes after you eat ?).

  1. First, you’ll need to take your cover off. It will help if you can identify what type of winter cover is on your pool.
    • Above ground: Tarp style cover, Radiant (clips into rails)
    • Inground: Tarp, Safety Cover
    • Carefully fold your cover and leave out so it can fully dry (you can save dry time by fully laying your cover out in direct sunlight)
  2. Install your diving board, ladder, and hand rails
    • Remember to always inspect nuts and threads for damage before installing. Be sure not to over-tighten the nuts, as this can cause damage or pre-mature failure.
  3. Make sure that your water level is high enough for the pool to operate.
    • The water line will need to reach the skimmer in order for pool to operate properly
  4. Once the water level is where it needs to be, you can take out all winterizing plugs and blow out extensions out of your skimmers.
  5. Turn your pump on
    • Be sure to prime your pump prior to turning it on to ensure there’s enough back pressure to pull water through the lines
  6. Once the pump is running you will need to check to make sure that all other equipment is functioning properly and there are no leaks in the plumbing (heater, salt generator, ozone system, chlorinator, deck jets, etc.)
  7. Your next step is to pour liquid chlorine into your pool to help clear out any algae that has formed over the winter.
  8. Once your pool water has been circulating for 48 hours; bring in a water sample to our Amsterdam or Clifton Park location, where our knowledgeable staff will make sure that your water is properly balanced. Getting your chemistry correct is critical to your pool, and balancing it on the front end will save you all season long.
    • Properly balanced water is the key a clear pool, also in lengthening the life of your liner and pool walls.

Still feeling overwhelmed? We’re here to help! Our fully certified expert technicians service the Capital Region and can take care of all your pool opening needs! Contact your local pool professionals at Alpin Haus with any questions you may have at (518) 954-2229 or schedule your service here. Happy swimming!

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