What Type of Skier Are You?

When picking the ski that works best for you, there are a few unique aspects to consider – but one of the most important is your skill level. Picking a ski that compliments your skill level will dramatically improve your stability and control on the mountain. Your skill level often determines the flex, waist width, length, as well as the type of skiing you plan to do. Flexible skis are better suited for Beginners as they allow for easier transitions into and out of turns, while Advanced Skiers will typically want a stiffer ski for the torsional rigidity which aids in holding an edge better and allows for aggressive turns. We also consider the waist width of a ski when finding the right ski for your skill level. If you want to ride in deep powder you’ll want a wider ski compared to someone who wants to do tight turns down groomed trails.

With so many technical aspects to consider when selecting a new pair of skis, you can always ask our friendly staff to help in finding the perfect match for you.

Ski Type 1

Ski conservatively

Prefer slower speeds. Prefer easy, moderate slopes. Favor lower than average retention settings.
This corresponds to an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased release ability in a fall
Type I settings apply to “entry-level skiers uncertain of their classification. Moderate Skiing At Average Release and Retention.

Ski moderately

Prefer a variety of speeds. Ski on varied terrain, including most difficult trails. Aggressive Skiing At Higher Release and Retention.

Ski Type 3

Ski aggressively

Normally ski at high speeds. Prefer steeper and more challenging terrain
Favor higher than average release/retention settings.
This corresponds to decreased releasability in a fall in order to gain a decreased risk of inadvertent binding release

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