6 Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

Have you been thinking about a backyard upgrade and eyeing that new hot tub? While, at first glance, purchasing a new spa can feel like a splurge to bring some fun to your home, there are some actual, practical perks to owning one. This week we’re taking a look at some of the wellness benefits, both physical and emotional, of hot tub ownership.

Decreased Stress and Anxiety

On stressful days where it’s hard to find a quiet place to refocus yourself, your hot tub can be your background escape. Studies show that the temperature of your spa water will dilate your blood vessels, which in turn will lower your blood pressure! Setting aside a little as fifteen minutes to soak will allow you to reset, relax, and recenter, as long as you can resist the urge to think about that pile of laundry that needs to be done or that stack of work that’s covering your home office desk.

Improved Sleep

According to the Mayo Clinic, two of the common causes of insomnia are stress, and anxiety disorders. Stress can also cause muscle aches and tension, resulting in discomfort and the inability to relax enough to sleep well. Soaking in your hot tub before bed can ease that tension by reducing swelling and loosening up all of those muscles, putting you into a state of physical and mental relaxation. By the time you turn off the lights and your head hits the pillow, your mind and body will be at ease, allowing you to sleep soundly without carrying the stress of the day to bed with you.

Muscle Relief

Whether you have a physically demanding job or are a regular at the gym, sore muscles can be bothersome and painful, but a hot tub can be used as a form of recovery to help ease the tension. The jets and hot water help promote the release of toxins from your muscles, while your body’s buoyance in the hot tub will take the pressure off of your joints, relieving the sensation of the physical stress that you’re carrying. It’s important to remember that if you have an injury or medical condition you’ll need to consult with a medical professional before using a hot tub.

More Time Outdoors

We may be biased, but we feel like there’s something to be said about being outside on a quiet summer night, under a blanket of stars, with the chirping of crickets as your only soundtrack. The same can be said for a picturesque snowy winter day, with the sun shining and perfect fluffy snowflakes gently falling to the brilliant white ground around you. Sounds pretty nice, right? Now imagine those two perfect seasonal scenes from the vantage point of your spa, soaking in the hot water, jets whirring, your eyes closed while you listen to the sounds of nature and breathe in the fresh air. It’s even better, right?

Being Able to Relax and Unplug

We’ve got all the information in the history of the world at our finger tips 24/7/365, which makes it feel tough (if not entirely impossible) sometimes to put down your phone or close the lid on your laptop. We get it, but it’s important to unplug and recharge (your devices and your brain), and having a good long soak is a great way to take a pause and reboot yourself.

Family Time

Family is so important to us here at Alpin Haus, so it’s no surprise that quality hot tub bonding time with our brood makes our big list of benefits. We encourage everyone to slow down, step away from hustle and enjoy some spa time with your nearest and dearest. No technology, no stress, just hot water, bubbles, and conversation. You might be surprised to find out just how much the water gets the dialogue flowing.

Hydrotherapy has been a proven form of stress and pain relief since the days of the ancient Greeks, so why not bring your own personal hot springs to your backyard? Check out our website, or stop in to our Amsterdam Route 30 or Clifton Park store locations to learn more about the hot tubs that we carry (and more of the benefits that come with them), from our spa experts!

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