Cross-Country Skis & Snowshoes

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are great ways to get outdoors, stay in shape, and enjoy the beautiful, snowy Northeast winters.
If you’re new these outdoor activities, we’ve put together this quick-read resource to get you up to speed and outdoors enjoying the weather in (s)now time!

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Cross-country skis are available in three models:

  • Recreation: Best for beginners and family outings.
  • Performance: Best for longer treks and fitness.
  • Backcountry: Best for untracked excursions.


Poles are important for balancing and pushing off. For classic Recreational skiing, choose a touring pole that fits under your armpit. Performance skiers who want a faster stride should look for poles that hit between collarbone and shoulder when standing indoors while wearing your ski boots. Skating skiers are better suited for a lighter, taller poles that reach between the chin and lower lip.


You want to make sure that your boots are designed to fit cross-country ski binding. Manufacturers use two types of systems – SNS and NNN. SNS boots work with SNS bindings. NNN boots work with NNN bindings and the easy-mount NIS binding system.

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Not only is snowshoeing easy to learn, but it is also a great way to stay fit and an easy way to enjoy the winter.


Snowshoes are available in three models:

  • Recreation or Trail Walking models are great for families and beginners. For journeys on flat to rolling terrain, these snowshoes are perfect for those looking to take on less technical trails!
  • Day-hiking or All-Mountain models are best suited for fitness and longer treks. From hikes beyond the tree line in deep powder to hard pack, these snowshoes will get you to your destination with ease.
  • Backcountry models are a must for more challenging terrain and multi‑day excursions. Offering superior mobility and durability, this category is for the true enthusiast looking to get off the grid.

After determining the right type of snowshoe that will match the trekking you plan to do, our Ski Shop employees will ask you for an estimate of what your total trekking weight will be. Your total trekking weight is you body weight plus the carry weight of your backpack. Once we determine the total load weight, we’ll be able to pick the appropriate size of snowshoe for your trekking!

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Family Cross Country Skiing
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