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We here at Alpin Haus are passionate about skiing and boarding, and we put that passion into everything we do. In 2019 we upped our tuning game by purchasing the Mercury, a new high-end automated tuning machine from the market leading Austrian company, Wintersteiger to ensure that our customers get the best ski/snowboard tune possible, and keep their equipment at peak operational condition.
This new machine offers a computerized, fully automated, precision tune each time that brings your gear back to factory specs, giving you maximum performance on each run, and can even design specific tunes for different snow situations.
If you’re a new skier or rider, or just one who maybe doesn’t understand the value in perfectly tuned skis, we’re here to help!
Just like your car, regular maintenance is key in keeping your equipment running smooth, fast, and for a long time, and so, just like your car, a regular tuning of your gear will combat the normal wear and tear it’s subjected to each week on the mountain. So, if you’ve noticed your skis/boards are feeling unresponsive, even sluggish, it’s likely just the result of edges that have dulled over time, or a dry unwaxed base that’s filled with grime and dirt over time that are the culprits. The good news is that both are easily remedied with a trip to our ski shop for a tune, and we’ll have you back on the slopes in no time with your equipment feeling like it just came out of the box!
Bringing your skis and boards in for routine five-star tuning will extend the life of your equipment and allow us to dial in your gear to give you a better ride every time.

So, the big question is how do you know when your skis or board need a tune?
After each day on the mountain you should thoroughly inspect your equipment for wear or damage, things to look out for include:

  • Dull, rounded edges, or nicks/burrs in the metal: If your edges are worn, your equipment will continually slip out from under you while making turns. Worn edges make it particularly difficult to ride on firm or icy conditions
  • Damage to the base, such as scratches or gouges: Even small scratches can impede glide and lead to additional base damage if not repaired. Deep gouges, which penetrate to the core, or run along the metal edges will need to be repaired.
  • Dry bases: As you ride, the wax wears from the base due to friction and will leave it with a dry, fuzzy, gray appearance. Applying a fresh coat of wax will improve glide, and conditioning against oxidation. Base wax wears relatively quick, especially on dry snow, and should be applied after every 2 to 4 days of use.

As a company made up of skiers and riders, we know exactly what you’re looking for in a tune and we’re here to give it to you every single time. Visit our tuning page for helpful information and pricing on our available packages, and next time you’re ready for some routine maintenance, stop in and say hi. We’ll be more than happy to show you how you’re getting the best tune possible with the Wintersteiger Mercury.

Stay Tuned!

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