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Finding the proper boot is the most important part of the skiing package, as anyone who has skied in an uncomfortable boot will tell you. The ideal ski boot should be snug; when you’re standing up your toes should be barely brushing up against the front of the boot. As you get into skiers’ position with your knees slightly bent, you should feel your heel getting locked into the back of the boot, freeing up just enough room to wiggle your toes. Your foot should also not have any room to move side-to-side in the boot. We stock boots for several ability levels with varying widths. Our trained staff will be able to sit down with you and identify your needs as a skier and find the perfect boot for you.

Over the past couple of years, boot companies have made it even easier to get a true custom fit without having to leave your boots with a ski shop for extended periods. Our staff is expertly trained to locate your specific problem areas and pressure points and can address them within hours instead of weeks, so you can get back to skiing.

Alpin Haus offers the best in Ski Boot brands including Atomic, Tecnica, and Nordica.

Foot Beds

Footbeds are one of the quickest and easiest ways to take your boot fit to the next level. There are two types of footbeds that Alpin Haus offers; drop-in footbeds and custom footbeds.

Drop-in Foot Beds: Drop-in footbeds are the entry-level option, and come in a variety of different sizes to fit all boot sizes along with three different arch supports. Installation of a drop-in footbed is as simple as taking the old footbed out and swapping the new one in.

Custom Boot Fitting: We guarantee the fit of every boot we sell. Below are our custom fitting services and pricing

  • Shell heat-sculpting (Free with boots purchased from Alpin Haus, a $99 value)
  • Shell punching or grinding (Free with boots purchased from Alpin Haus, a $29 per punch value)
  • Boot liner heat-sculpting (Free with boots purchased from Alpin Haus, a $29 value)

Custom Foot Beds: Custom footbeds offer the greatest support for any type of foot for skiers and snowboarders. People with a very high or very low arch, or one that is very long or short, would benefit the most from investing in a custom footbed. Both of our ski shop locations are outfitted with equipment that can take an exact mold of your foot which is then used to create your custom form-fit footbed to deliver the direct control to your skis with a precision fit. Just like with the drop-in footbed, installation is as simple as swapping out the new one with the old one.

  • Custom Foot Bed Fitting: $169 + tax
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